Ending the Myth by Carl F Nelson

Ep 0 - The Frontier Thesis

Sun, Sep 19 2021 11am

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Ending the Myth! In this limited series Munya and Brian are going to be discussing Greg Grandin’s 2019 book, The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America. In this introduction to the show we discuss historian Frederick Jackson Turner and his Frontier Thesis. We cover material from CH 7, the Introduction, and CH 1.

Ep 1 - The Road Not Taken

Sun, Sep 26 2021 11am

It’s Episode 1 and we are already making a detour from End of the Myth to look at historian Lerone Bennett Jr’s excellent 1970 essay “The Road Not Taken.” We discuss the central role of the slave system to America’s development and the role of contingency in history, of the road not taken.

Ep 2 - Indian Removal

Sun, Oct 3 2021 11am

After taking a brief detour we return to Grandin’s End of the Myth to talk about the treatment of the Native American population in the United States up until the 1830s. We cover Chapter 1&2 of the book for those following along at home.

EP 3 – Forging the Jacksonian Consensus

Sun, Oct 10 2021 11am

We discuss the arrival of Andrew Jackson on the political scene and the role of Jacksonian democracy in Westward expansion -- It’s not good, folks. For those following along at home, we are covering chapter 3 of the End of the Myth.