Ending the Myth by Carl F Nelson

Suggested Readings

ByBrian Platt, Munya Chiro

Below you will find a list of sources and readings referenced in each episode of Ending the Myth. Links will be given where possible, but www.z-lib.org is an excellent resource for e-books.

Table of Contents

EP 0 – The Frontier Thesis

EP 1 – The Road Not Taken

EP 2 – Expansion and Native Americans

EP 3 – Andrew Jackson

EP 4 – The Safety Valve

EP 5 – The Conquest of Texas

EP 6 – Resistance and Abolition

EP 7 – America’s Worst President w/ Matt Christman

EP 8 – The Real West w/ Richard White

EP 9 – The Pact of 1898

EP 10 – What’s so Progressive About Eras, Anyway?

EP 10.5 – It’s the Friends We Made Along the Way

EP 11 – The Nadir of Race Relations pt 1

EP 11 – The Nadir of Race Relations pt 2

EP 12 – The Politics of Travel w/ Ryan Archibald