History Sucks: Jumbo Intermission, Pt II

ByJustin Roll, Brian Platt

While we can't exactly footnote an episode, we can offer you a bibliography of all the books and articles we touch on in the episode. To the best of our ability, these references are organized by topic and by when they are touched on in the show. So, without further ado, the freaks present to you:

Intro Clip

Our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution

On the Early Senate

Function of the Senate

The Golden Age of the Senate

Book Recs about Reconstruction

The Gilded Age

The Supreme Court

The Rules of the Esoteric Order of the Senate

Benjamin “the Beast” Butler

The Political Stylings of Teddy Roosevelt

The Spanish Flu as an Explanation for 1920s Excesses

The Dixiecrat Convention of 1948

Closing Song

Devo – Freedom of Choice

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