Mechanical Freak Presents... The Fall of the Soviet Union

ByBrian Platt

Only those who experienced life in the GDR have the right to talk about it.

―97% of East Germans*

While we can't exactly footnote an episode, we can offer you a bibliography of the books and articles we touch on in the episode. Due to the nature of the time period being talked about in this episode, many of these sources are not readily available online. We linked those that could be linked, the others are available through online databases such as ProQuest and JSTOR. To the best of our ability, these references are organized by topic and by when they are touched on in the show.

*German Life, "Five Years After Re-Unification Easterners Discover Themselves," December/January 1996

General books and articles on this topic


Part I: All Hail the New Flesh

Part II: The Feeding Frenzy

Part III: Yanks to the Rescue

Part IV: Living the High Life

A survivor of the massacre at Bila Tserkva tells a story about Anton Shpak, a prominent OUN member and Nazi,

"When they were leading the Jews to where they were going to shoot them, a pretty young girl ran up to Shpak, 'Oh come, Anton, what are you doing? Don't you remember we went to school together, you to carry my bag?' She pleaded, 'Shut up, you kike bitch,' roared Shpak, raised his gun and shot the girl right in the face."

Shpak and his unit went on to execute more than 2,000 people that day."The heroes of the new Ukraine.